World Tae Kwon-Do champion from Rastrick speaks of her Slimming World success

When World Tae Kwon-Do champion Lisa Jackson, from Rastrick, saw her reflection in the mirror, it took her five minutes to decide to join Slimming World.

By News Reporter
Tuesday, 25th January 2022, 4:29 pm
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson

“I saw myself in a full length mirror and decided I had to do something about how I looked,” she said. “15 minutes later I was on a Slimming World Zoom meeting.”

Lisa, who has lost three stones in just seven months, had major knee surgery, and says the weight she gained whilst waiting for this surgery was hampering her recovery.

“As a fitness instructor, I was struggling to demonstrate moves and having to ask my assistant instructor to show the higher options. Losing the weight has reduced the strain on my knee and I can now do everything I need to in classes.”

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Lisa Jackson

Lisa, who is the reigning World Tae Kwon-Do champion, had an injury whilst competing in the 2019 British Championship final.

“Being active has always been part of my life,” she said, “swimming from aged three, which gave me the bug.”

Since losing her weight, Lisa can now run again and is trying to gradually increase her distance. She has also joined a basketball team.

“It’s not just physical though,” she said. “My confidence is so much better. If I went swimming with my children, I would wear a t-shirt and full length leggings to cover up - I always had my legs covered.

“Now I’m comfortable in a swimming costume and felt great being able to wear a short dress on a night out recently.”

Lisa, who suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, says she’s now found a plan where she can lose weight whilst managing her condition.

“I still love my food, but now I’m in control,” she said. “Whereas high calorie foods would scream ‘eat me’ and I couldn’t resist, then once I’d eaten it I’d feel bad.

“Attending my Slimming World group and with the support of the other members who understand the shame of be overweight, the guilt has now gone. Instead I find a tasty free food alternative. I love and look forward to eating healthy foods.

“I’m addicted to salads - I hated salad growing up. There so much colour and flavour to enjoy, and you can eat huge amounts, feel satisfied and know that you’re food optimising.”

Lisa joined the Slimming World group in Rastrick and says that the supportive atmosphere from the members both congratulating you on your good weeks and the pick ups when you’re struggling, is incredible.

“Staying to the full group session, listening to others has helped me pick up ideas and recognise where I make changes,” she said.

“Sarah Tearne Igroup leader) makes it an amazing group. It’s engaging, fun and interactive. What you learn in the meeting, stays with you when you’re planning for the week ahead. The messages of encouragement you receive from her, really help and always appear at the time that you need that help.”

Lisa had tried lots of different diets in the past.

“I’ve done Weight Watchers, Slimfast, diet pills, Atkins, Chinese Teas, and my own ‘eat hardly anything’ diet. Most of which did result in weight loss, but were not something I could sustain long term, so as soon as I stopped, the weight returned. This time is different though. I am determined to continue food optimising and stay at target. I’m confident if I stick with it for the first time in my life, staying slim is possible.

“If I hadn’t have got on a meeting so soon, I may have changed my mind. I was a little bit nervous, but soon realised that we were all there for the same reason and nobody was judging you.”

Lisa has now become a consultant herself.

“I want to help others to also achieve their dream and feel fabulous.”

Lisa is relaunching a group at the Siddal Ex-Servicemen’s Club on Wednesday, January 26 at 5.30pm.

She said: “Everyone is welcome, to anyone who is thinking of joining, Stop thinking and just do it! It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!”