Young music star Adam is on a drum roll

A talented 12-year-old drummer is hoping to inspire deaf music and dance stars across the country when he is featured in an upcoming film.

Adam Butler, of Halifax, who is partially deaf, recently won the national competition ‘Raising the Bar’ and will now feature in a live showcase at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre alongside 11 others.

Hard of hearing 12-year-old Adam Butler wins a drumming competition.

Hard of hearing 12-year-old Adam Butler wins a drumming competition.

The film, which will be distributed to teachers across the UK, will become part of a resource pack to help guide teachers on educating deaf children and how to make the classes more deaf friendly.

Dad Chris Butler said: “He was excited when he found out he had won because he never expected it and now he gets the opportunity to go and play the drums in Birmingham.

“He has been playing since he was ten years old and is always tapping, like a drummer does.

“Drumming is everything to him and he recently told me that when he grows up, he wants to become a music teacher.”

During the competition, Adam stood out from others for his exceptional talent in playing the drums.

He first started playing the drums at Christ Church, Pellon on a Sunday and that inspired him to go further.

Now, he plays in a children’s music group for people who are hard of hearing with the Halifax-based charity Music and the Deaf.

“He spends a lot of time with the group and that is how he heard about the competition, which was developed by the National Deaf Children’s Society,” added Chris.