Young Zaina’s 5k a day for her little brother

Dawn Butler and her daughter Zaina, aged eleven, fundraising for Highbury School, Rastrick.
Dawn Butler and her daughter Zaina, aged eleven, fundraising for Highbury School, Rastrick.

A young girl has walked five kilometres a day to raise money for her autistic brother’s school.

Eleven-year-old Zaina Lane walked every day in March to raise money for Highbury School, Lower Edge Road, Rastrick.

Rastrick High School pupil Zaina has raised as much money as she can to fund outdoor play equipment to help stimulate the learning of her four-year-old brother Austin and other children with physical and emotional learning disabilities.

Mum Dawn Butler, 39, and dad David Lane, 45, of Foxcroft Drive, Rastrick, say they are so proud of their eldest daughter, who said she wanted to do something to help the school that Dawn supports with fundraising activities.

“We’re just so proud of the love Zaina has for her brother,” said Dawn, who accompanied her daughter on the five kilometre daily sponsored walks.

Dawn said Zaina is a child with a big heart. She took part in a sponsored mile swim last year after hearing about a man’s plight to fundraise for specialist treatment abroad.

“She wears her heart on her sleeve,” Dawn said.

“Since having Austin it’s opened her eyes up to disability - her brother doesn’t always socialise and we have had to adjust as a family and Zaina really grew up quickly into a mature girl.

“We appreciate things in life more now.”

Zaina has another younger brother Fenton, who is Austin’s twin.

She said: “I’ve always liked helping people and raising money for people to get things they might need to make them better or to help them in life.

“The challenge was really tough at times but good fun too.

“I kept thinking about why I was doing it - to raise money to help my brother and his school mates have a better education.”

Later this month, Zaina will visit her brother’s school to tell pupils and staff how much she has raised.

As a special treat for all her fundraising efforts, Dawn is taking Zaina to London for her birthday at the end of the month.