Pest of the rest: Top 10 of pest control call-outs

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Rats, mice, fleas and cockroaches are some of the creatures and creepy-crawlies pest controllers have been called out to deal with in Calderdale in the last three years.

Wasps and bees have accounted for the most call-outs since 2012, totalling 626, with 336 call-outs for rats and 130 call-outs to deal with fleas.

There have also been 129 call-outs for mice, 48 for bed bugs and 36 for ants.

Figures have risen over the last three years with 387 call-outs in 2012 compared to 552 this year.

There have been 1,422 call-outs in total over the last three years, which works out at more than one every day.

Incidents involving ants, bed bugs, fleas, rats and wasps and bees have all risen over the last three years, with call-outs concerning wasps and bees more than doubling since 2012.

Calderdale Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, Ian Gray, said: “Calderdale Council provides a pest control service for vermin and insects considered to be a risk to public health or food safety including rats, house mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and wasps.

“Officers can also offer advice on a wide range of pest control matters and we also provide an insect identification service.

“The call out figures have been relatively steady over the past 3 years, with no significant increase or decrease of visits.

“If you need to contact pest control, call 01422 288002 or email”