Petition signed by hundreds against Calderdale’s Local Plan to be handed in to council

Local campaigners against the councils housing plans
Local campaigners against the councils housing plans

An online petition against Calderdale Council’s plans to build 4,500 new houses in the Brighouse area is to be handed in to the council.

The petition, which has attracted over 500 signatures, expresses concern that the scale of the new housing planned in the Brighouse area is unfair and that new schools, roads and health facilities will not accompany the new development.

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The petition states: ‘It’s clear from the plans that there is a total lack of highway and service investment to support such enormous housing growth’.

The community petition is to be handed into Calderdale Council at the Full Council Meeting on April 3 by Councillor for Brighouse and Clifton, Scott Benton.

He said: "There is still huge concern about the council’s mass housing plan and the impact that this will have upon Brighouse.

"Whilst we know that we need some new housing in Brighouse, the scale of the proposed development of 4500 new houses is completely unfair.

To make matters worse, there are no guarantees at all that we will get the new schools, health facilities and roads to support this new development."

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The Council’s Local Development Plan is currently undergoing scrutiny form the Planning Inspectorate which will hold full public hearings later this year.

The final plans will be voted upon by councillors later this year.