‘Petrified’ poodle found by school girl after community campaign

Lost pooch in Halifax town centre
Lost pooch in Halifax town centre

A poodle that vanished 12 days ago in Halifax has been found after a community campaign was started to get him back.

Darcy, the poodle, was found yesterday (June 29), in the area by Queensbury Van Hire at the top of Boothtown.

The poodle was found by Karl and Kylie Butler and their four children Darcie, Carys, Tiegan and Billy when their daughter recognised the dog from the leaflets she was given at Lee Mount School.

Schools, local businesses and volunteers all over Halifax, and on social media, supported the campaign to get the ‘petrified’ poodle back.

Two Facebook groups, Find Harvey (Harvey’s Army) and Yorkshire Animals Lost and Found, worked together to lead the online search.

The children will receive certificates and gifts from Harveys Army to commend their efforts in returning Darcy to his family.