Pharmacy gets the go-ahead

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A BRIGHOUSE surgery has been given the green light to provide a late chemist, despite concerns over parking.

Councillors unanimously agreed that having a late chemist, the only one in Brighouse, would provide a valuable service.

GP Tehmina Parekh spoke on behalf of the application at a meeting of Calderdale Council planning committee.

She said it would improve patient care and experience and would be providing a cost-effective service.

Dr Parekh added that many patients have had to travel to Halifax and Huddersfield to find a pharmacy with extended hours.

Councillors were told two petitions had been received for the application. One contained 239 signatures in favour of the proposal and the other had 162 signatures objecting.

Their main concern was parking but Dr Parekh said they had already decided to move the disabled parking spaces to the main car park which would improve access and an agreement had been made with a neighbouring property for five to eight spaces for staff parking.

The three spaces next to the new pharmacy would also still be available.

Another concern was the amount of extra deliveries, because there was already a pharmacy on the opposite side of the road, but Dr Parekh assured councillors there would be no extra deliveries.