Piano whizz is making the grade

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Illingworth could be home to the next Mozart, as a child musical prodigy is taking the piano world by storm.

Fifteen-year-old Harry Turner, of Whitehall Road, has just passed his grade eight piano exam with a distinction, as he had done for all his previous grades.

He has now taken to composing his own works, despite not yet having taken his GCSEs.

“Harry is always surprising me,” said his mother Tracy Turner.

“He has a great gift for music, but he’s normally such a quiet lad who keeps himself to himself and doesn’t get too excited about things.

“So he was as happy as Harry gets when he got his grade eight.”

Harry, who also plays the tenor horn, was taught by his grandfather Godfrey Turner, a former music teacher at North Halifax Grammar.

He is currently a pupil at Trinity Academy in Halifax, and is also a keen linguist, having taught himself French and German. But it is in music where his real passions lie.

“He started playing when he was nine years old,” said Tracy. “His older brother had piano lessons and Harry went along.

“Ever since then he has showed such a flair for this kind of thing. He prefers playing more contemporary music, but classical pieces are what got him his grade eight.”

And what does the future hold for Harry?

“He has already started composing his own tunes,” said Tracy. “He wants to get into composing music for film and television.”

And with grades like that, who’d bet against hearing Harry’s theme tunes some time soon?