Piece Hall bell has symbolic role and sound - chime will herald the start of a new era on Tuesday, August 1

The Piece Hall bell - which will be rung at 10am by Halifax Para-athlete Hannah Cockroft when the Georgian hall re-opens after a £19 million refurbishment on Tuesday (August 1) - has a symbolic role.

The bell used to be rung at 10am each Saturday morning, whereupon, when the Piece Hall opened in 1779, a frenetic two hours’ of trading began, and not a minute more!

Traders were able to sell their cloth to buyers in a way which was in many ways regulated and fair.

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When it rings on Tuesday it will signal the start of a new era for one of Halifax’s greatest architectural masterpieces, now fully prepared for the challenges of the 21st century without losing any of the character that mean it has Grade I listed building status.

After a long while silent, the bell has been itself refurbished to signal a new future and a place at the heart of Halifax again.

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