Piece Hall restaurant announcement: traders and shoppers react

The Piece Hall
The Piece Hall

Piece Hall shoppers and traders have shared their thoughts on the announcement of a major new restaurant which will open in August.

The new restaurant which will be located overlooking the spectacular courtyard will re-invest all profits made by the reference and conference suite back into The Piece Hall, to fund the upkeep and and cultural programme of the historic building.

The new restaurant has been made possible thanks to a capital grant from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and a loan from Calderdale Council.

John Fellows, joint owner of Piece Hall store Mystical and Magical said: "An additional restaurant will bring more people into the Piece Hall, which benefits not just the Piece Hall itself, but all of the tenants here.

"Inevitably it will be beneficial for the Piece Hall because its the trust that are running it, and it costs a lot of money to run this building everyday, so it will support and maintain this amazing building".

High volumes of customers are expected, with the new destination restaurant seating over 200 people between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and opening daily from 8am til 11pm.

Denise Webber, Piece Hall Events Manager

Denise Webber, Piece Hall Events Manager

Shoppers and traders felt as though the Piece Hall would benefit from the new restaurant to increase visitors in the evening.

Owner of Piece Hall store Jitterbug Jean, Sharon Clegg said: "The courtyard is such a fantastic space, and on evenings would be ideal for small bars and restaurants which would make it a bit more lively."

Visiting from Newmarket, Suffolk, Christopher Southwell said he visited the Piece Hall the following night but felt he was let down as many of the small independent shops were already closed.

Christopher added: "I think a restaurant will really brighten the evening's up and bring more business in the evenings after a working day".

Piece Hall Events Manager, Denise Webber said: The feedback we have from visitors is that they want more food and beverage, so opening something like a big family restaurant is a positive thing for the Piece Hall."

The menu will feature the best of local produce, and every effort will be made to source as locally as possible - whether that's the food and drink, or everyday supplies.

Nick Taylor, the Commercial Director for The Piece Hall Trust commented: "Whilst aiming to be contemporary, the feel of the place will be comfortable and fun. Healthy eating will be high on our agenda, and there will be something for everyone."

In addition to the new restaurant, there has been high demand for conference and function facilities. So the trust will also be funding an event space on the top floor (Colonnade level), which will be serviced by the kitchens and team from the new restaurant.

Shopper and Halifax resident, Kerry Bevington said: "Keeping businesses independent in the Piece Hall is a real selling point, but this building has much more potential. So if we can introduce things like family restaurants and function spaces whilst keeping it independent, I think they'd be onto a winner".