Pink runner Mush starts bootcamp

Mush Cade's Boot Camp on Savile Park, Halifax.
Mush Cade's Boot Camp on Savile Park, Halifax.

Inspirational athlete Mush Cade has started a fitness bootcamp with Sam Robins of Diversifit, a personal training service in Halifax.

The open air bootcamp, which started last week at Savile Park Moor offers a range of activities from functional exercises to cardio workouts and ends with some fun games.

Thirty-seven-year-old Mush first found his love for exercise when it began to help him cope with his mental illness, which he has been suffering with for over 15 years. Since then, he has become a local social media celebrity known as the Pink Running Machine and can often be seen running around the area topless and sporting bright shorts in a bid to raise awareness for mental health conditions.

This is what inspired Sam to set up an event with him.

“I’ve suffered myself with mental illness and that’s why I also turned to fitness,” she said.

The group meet opposite the fire station every Tuesday at 6:30pm and every Saturday at 9:30am.

To sign up to the bootcamp, Sam is available to contact on 07713750725.