Planning inspectorate overturns rejected 50-house development in Hipperholme

Aerial view of Crosslee PLC in Hipperholme
Aerial view of Crosslee PLC in Hipperholme

A Government Inspector has overturned Calderdale Council’s decision to reject plans for a new 50 house development by a Hipperholme factory.

The Council’s planning committee turned down the plans for the development on land south of Brookelands and Brighouse Road close to the Crosslee site.

It was refused by councillors over the concerns of increased pollution and traffic.

However, Mr David Heywood of Crosslee Plc appealed to the Planning inspectorate which has now overturned the decision by councillors and the development will now go ahead.

Commenting on the issues of an increase to traffic, the planning inspectorate said in his report: “I sympathise with the concerns and frustrations of local residents.

“Existing levels of traffic are likely to cause delay and inconvenience. There are also associated issues of poor air quality at the crossroads and parts of approaching roads.

“However, with or without the development these unfortunate characteristics would remain.

“I do not consider that the relevant test is whether there are existing problems or whether development would lead to any increase in traffic.

"Moreover, it is not necessary or possible for development of this scale to seek to solve existing issues. In this case, I find that the level of additional trips on the network as a proportion of overall traffic would result in no material harm to the existing operation of the transport network in the vicinity of the site.”

On the potential of increasing pollution in the area, the planning inspectorate added that the Council has not provided any evidence to demonstrate that the likely negligible reduction in air quality would have any discernible effect on public health.

Also the majority of dwellings in the vicinity of the site and the village are outside the Air Quality Management Area.

"There is no reason to assume therefore that the health of occupants is at risk in these areas," said the planning inspectorate.

"Therefore, while I recognise the fears about pollution in the village, the evidence does not lead me to conclude that there would be any material harm as a result of the development taking place."