Plea to help fund the 'wonderful' nurses

AN inspirational group of Marie Curie volunteers have urged local folk to donate cash to boost the Courier appeal.

The Halifax Supporters' Group give up their time to boost the coffers of Marie Curie, which provides end of life care for the terminally ill.

The Courier has launched a campaign to raise 80,000 to fund nurses who help people who choose to die at home in Calderdale.

Treasurer Beryl Ritchie, 66, of Limes Avenue, Halifax, became involved in the group's inception in 2006 after Marie Curie nurses helped her mother, Evelyn Moss, who died aged 97.

She said: "I wanted to give a bit back. They helped us so much when mum was poorly. She had always said she wanted to spend her last days at home and Marie Curie helped us answer her wishes.

"The family shared the caring of her but it got so we were having to spend nights with her and just couldn't do it.

"Marie Curie was just wonderful. Nurses came in overnight and when I came back in the mornings I'd be quite excited about seeing her because I knew she'd been well looked after and she was comfortable with it all. It was such a relief."

The Halifax Supporters' Group - along with the Brighouse Supporters' Group - volunteer throughout the year such as manning stalls, collecting donations in shops and supermarkets and selling daffodils for the annual Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal.

But Mrs Ritchie said more members are always needed to help out.

"There's no pressure to be involved in everything. You can do as much as you want to do. We have a great team but could always do with a few more."

She urged people to help reach the Courier's 80,000 fund-raising target.

"You never know when you're going to need a Marie Curie nurse and it'd be just so lovely if people could give a little bit of something, or their involvement."

To donate, or volunteer, phone the fundraising office on 01274 337036.