Police cuts will lead to low morale - MP Linda

HALIFAX’S MP has slammed the Government’s stance on police pay and budgets.

Linda Riordan said Calderdale’s top cops have been put in an “impossible position” by plans to cut police funding.

She said officers and PCSOs in Halifax dd a “fantastic job” in preventing and tackling crime and morale would hit rock bottom if pay was frozen and jobs were lost.

“We have seen over the last few years the benefits that a well supported police service has brought to the people of Halifax.

“Many areas of crime have fallen and violent crime in Halifax town centre was brought down considerably thanks to investment in frontline policing.

“The new Government is going to unravel all the hard work and they are clearly undervaluing the work of frontline officers if they think a pay freeze and budget cuts is acceptable.

“First it was cuts to police officer numbers, now it is cuts to police pay. This Government is obsessed by cuts and is dominating everything they do.

“For hard-working police officers in Halifax these pay and budget cuts are going to affect police morale and mean more work for less officers.

“The Government should be focussing on cutting crime not cutting the police budgets or the pay of officers, who do such fantastic work on behalf of the Halifax and Calderdale public.”