Police force looking to take on canine recruits across West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Police is currently seeking six dogs.West Yorkshire Police is currently seeking six dogs.
West Yorkshire Police is currently seeking six dogs.
West Yorkshire Police is trying to sniff out dogs that need re-homing and could become part of its crime-fighting team.

The appeal comes at a time of year where there tends to be an increase in dogs being abandoned or handed into charities for rehoming.

West Yorkshire Police is currently seeking six dogs, four to be trained to find drugs and two to join the explosives detection team and are appealing to any owners who have a dog that needs rehoming to get in touch.

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Ideally the dogs should be around 12-24 months-old, in good health and from a working dog breed such as a cocker spaniel, springer spaniel or Labrador. Other breeds or cross-breeds will be considered but the dog should be of a playful, sociable nature.

PS Stewart Dunderdale, of West Yorkshire Police’s Dog Support Unit, said: “We have had real success previously in giving a new home, and purpose, to dogs that have been given to us by charities and owners.

“There are lots of reasons why someone may find that they are unable to continue having a dog as a pet but we know that charities do see an increase in animals being found or handed in at this time of year and it would be great if we could help them out.

“The dogs will be assessed and if suitable will go on a course which lasts eight weeks. On completion of the course the dogs will live at home with their handler and family. We are appealing to anyone who thinks they have a dog that may be suitable to contact us."

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Anyone wanting to talk to the Dog Support Unit about a potential rehoming for their pet can email PC Steve Taylor from the training team on [email protected]

Emma Spencer

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