Police go undercover to tackle kids behaving badly on buses

Sgt John Thomas and John Simpson new Halifax Central neighbourhood police officers.
Sgt John Thomas and John Simpson new Halifax Central neighbourhood police officers.

POLICE have been going undercover to tackle badly-behaved school kids on buses.

Officers from Halifax Central neighbourhood policing team, working with Metro, got on board public transport across Halifax during the school opening times.

In one day, they found six youngsters using bad language and pushing into other passengers.

Uniformed officers intercepted the buses and escorted the pupils – aged between 11 and 14 – off the vehicles.

The children involved were spoken to by officers and excluded from the school for several days.

Letters will also be sent to their parents, followed up by a visit from a police officer from Halifax Central neighbourhood policing team.

Sergeant John Thomas, from the team, said they would be carrying out similar operations in the coming weeks and months.

“We are not out to criminalise young people but to address anti-social behaviour,” he said.

“We also want to reassure members of the public using the bus services as well as the bus drivers.

“We want those who take things too far to understand the consequences of their actions and the potential for more serious action to be taken, including possible Anti-Social Behaviour Orders being issued, should their bad behaviour continue.

“The schools were fully supportive of the operation and we have fed back any positive as well as negative behaviour to the students’ head teachers.”

Chairman of Metro James Lewis said: “Almost 200 million journeys are made by bus passengers each year in West Yorkshire and almost all are made in complete safety.

“However Metro, West Yorkshire Police and the bus operators are dedicated to making them even safer, which is why we are working together in the Safer Travel Partnership to reduce anti-social behaviour still further.”

To contact your neighbourhood policing team call 101.