Police in Upper Valley run web chat

Upper Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team joined forces with partner organisations to hold their first on-line community meeting on Monday.

Residents joined the discussion by logging on to the e-PACT (‘Electronic Partners and Communities Together’) meeting.

Upper Valley NPT Inspector Dave Browning said: “A number of questions were asked by members of the public during the hour-long web chat.

“Some of the subjects raised were around poor driving and parking around the junction of Victoria Road in Todmorden. Officers and are now looking into the matter.

“We were also able to give advice to local residents on issues that are affecting them within the local area.”

The e-PACT meetings are in addition to the NPT’s regular neighbourhood meetings where officers speak to local residents face-to-face.

Insp Browning said: “Social media is an important part of people’s lives and is an alternative means of keeping people up-to-date.

Future e-PACT meetings will be advertised on the Upper Valley NPT website.