POLICE investigating badger snaring in Holywell Green

Badger (Meles meles)'From British Wildlife
Badger (Meles meles)'From British Wildlife

OFFICERS are investigating the illegal snaring of a badger off Old Lindley Road, Holywell Green.

The badger was caught in a self-locking snare but was recovered by officers alive.

It has since received treatment from a vet and released back into the wild.

Wildlife Officers are investigating the incident which happened on Monday.

Snaring badgers is illegal but there are some snare devices that are deemed as lawful and must follow strict guidelines:

l The snare must be ‘free running’ and should not self tighten or asphyxiate the animal.

l Snares must be checked at least once a day

l Snares must not be on land where the public have access.