Police mix-up leaves Elland man stranded

Mohammed Bashir, who was wrongly arrested.
Mohammed Bashir, who was wrongly arrested.

A man who was wrongly arrested, imprisoned and left stranded on the streets of Glasgow has spoken out about his ordeal.

Mohammed Bashir, 35, was driven hundreds of miles from his home in Elland after he was stopped by an unmarked police car while on shift for a takeaway business.

It was only when they arrived in Scotland that police investigating a fraud case realised they had the wrong man.

The married father-of-two’s ordeal began when he was stopped by an officer while delivering a takeaway and questioned about his insurance.

His name was then checked on a database and his fingerprints were taken, sparking a shocking series of events.

“The officer asked me if I knew that I was wanted in Glasgow and said there was a warrant out for my arrest,” Mr Bashir said.

“I was shocked, I asked him to check again and said I knew he had the wrong person and it was a mistake.”

Mr Bashir was then handcuffed, arrested and taken to Halifax Police Station where he was held for 26 hours.

“I was telling them again and again that they had the wrong person, but they would not listen,” Mr Bashir said.

Mr Bashir said his fingerprints were taken again and found to be a match.

“They then told me I was going to be transferred to Glasgow - what could I think? My mind was all over the place.

“I had no choice but to go.”

After being transferred to Glasgow, Mr Bashir was imprisoned in a cell once again.

The mix-up finally came to light when Mr Bashir was hauled before the court and the wanted man’s solicitor confirmed he wasn’t his client.

“The guard came back and said ‘away you go’. There was no apology, decency or anything to say that a mistake had been made.

“I was left on the streets of Glasgow to make my own way back.

“It felt like a police comedy. It was an absolute joke. It’s left me shattered and I still have flashbacks.”

Mr Bashir is now taking legal action against West Yorkshire Police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

His lawyer Simon McKay, of Bradford-based Petherbridge Bassra, said: “If it is established that West Yorkshire Police detained Mr Bashir in the way they did - and I am confident the evidence supports his account - then a large and well resourced police force has fundamentally failed in the basic discharge of its functions.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said they could not comment on the case for legal reasons.