Police probe cyber attack using school email account

The North Halifax Grammar School
The North Halifax Grammar School

Police have launched an investigation after cyber criminals hacked into an email account at a Halifax school.

The ‘phishing’ scam involved the account at North Halifax Grammar in Illingworth being taken over and emails containing a virus being sent from that address on Tuesday.

Asking the recipient to provide login details, it then downloaded the virus.

Detective Inspector Benn Kemp of the West Yorkshire Police Cyber Crime Team, said: “We have sent a precautionary email out to everyone we believe to have been affected by this providing crime prevention advice and guidance on what to do if they have been affected.

“Enquiries into the incident remain on going and I would appeal to anyone who suffers a similar incident to contact Action Fraud.”

A spokesman for the school said that it is the second time an attempt had been made to contact staff who have been made aware of the scam.