Police swoop on our biggest drug dealers

DOZENS of homes have been raided in a massive police hunt for some of Calderdale's biggest drug dealers.

Police have been swooping on houses in north Halifax, King Cross, Park ward, the Upper Valley and other parts of the district in a crackdown on people dealing Class A and B drugs and serious organised crime.

The operation – named Irondale – is one of the biggest of its kind run by Calderdale Police, involving around 100 officers.

It follows six months of investigation using police intelligence and information passed on by residents. More than 40 people suspected to be involved in drug dealing and burglary have been targeted.

Superintendent Stan Bates, head of Operations for the Calderdale division, said: "Calderdale CID and officers from the force's crime division have used a wide range policing techniques to gather evidence of criminals involved in crime and drug dealing in Calderdale.

"In the last six months police have amassed sufficient evidence to arrest and charge people involved in criminal activity and who cause the most harm in our communities.

"This is a major operation against people who have no consideration for the lives they are ruining through their drug dealing and criminal activity.

"The nature and scale of this operation demonstrates our commitment to targeting criminals in Calderdale who think they can get away with preying on law-abiding people."

The operation saw a significant amount of drugs and cash seized.In three days. 33 people were arrested on suspicion of drugs, public order and assault offences. Of those 24 have been charged.