Police warning after increase in thefts around Halifax town centre

Security, burglar, crime generic pic
Security, burglar, crime generic pic

Police are warning visitors to Halifax town centre to remain vigilant after an increase in thefts from vehicles in and around the town centre.

The force is urging vehicle owners to not leave things unattended, to prevent them becoming a victim of crime.

Detective Inspector Craig Lord said: “The summer is a time when we all hope to relax and enjoy some time off. Unfortunately, those who target our property and vehicles don’t and continue to take advantage of members of the public who inadvertently leave items on view in vehicles, or where they can quickly sneak in to your home through an open door or window.

“Over the last few weeks we have seen an increase in the number of people having items stolen from their vehicles in and around Halifax town centre. We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to think ‘it’ll never happen to me’, however every day there are people coming back to their vehicles, to find they have been the victim of a theft.

“Having your car or home broken in to can have a massive impact. Specific items stolen could have a huge impact on your work or business as well as your personal life.

“Leaving something in your car whilst you pop in to a shop, to the post box or back in to the house may not seem like enough time for someone to take something, however, thieves can take your property and be gone in seconds.

“Many more people will be in and around town Centre over the holidays and we’d like to remind everyone to take simple safe steps to making sure their vehicle doesn’t become the next target for an opportunistic thief.

“We say it all the time, but please don’t leave valuables or lose change on show. Even a coat or jumper left on the back seat, or an empty box or bag could tempt a thief to think there is something hidden or worth their attention.”

If you are having a trip to the shops, don’t return to the car to leave bags on the back seat and then go back to the shops.

Always remove sat-navs and their holders from your vehicle and wipe the sucker marks of the window. Many people leave devices in the glove box, but thieves know to look there too.

Earlier this week, officers saw a handbag left on the passenger seat in a locked car in a car park. To some thieves this is an invitation to break in and steal items inside.

The warmer weather is also often welcomed by burglars - one in four burglaries are due to insecure premises and are usually through an open window or door.

“Thieves will always go for the easy option and sneak ins can be frustrating for both householders and the Police as they are easy to prevent and yet can occur at this time of year,” added DI Lord.

“A handbag, wallet, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or keys left next to an unlocked door or open window can present an incredibly easy target for burglars who can take them in an instant.

“All it takes is a few seconds for an opportunist thief to steal a bag left next to a door but equally all it takes is a few seconds for a householder to make sure their doors and windows are secure before they enjoy the sun in their gardens.”