‘Adopting is fantastically rewarding’ says adoption team manager

Sue Clarke, Calderdale Council adoption team manager.
Sue Clarke, Calderdale Council adoption team manager.

Calderdale Council’s adoption team manager Sue Clarke explains the process of adopting a child:

“People express an interest and we invite them to an information evening about what adoption involves,” she said.

“The information evening gives people info about backgrounds and the assessment process. The majority of the children are from the care system. We try to match each child carefully to a home. There is a huge amount of information for the potential adopters about the child.”

The adoption process used to take between eight and ten months but thanks to investment from the government this has been streamlined so it now takes six months.

“Once the adopters have been approved that’s when you start looking at potential matches,” said Sue.

“It’s important that the adoption team makes sure the adopters are well-prepared before a child is placed with them.

“Some children have had difficult backgrounds but with the right home and love they can help to build trust again.”

Anyone can become an adopter regardless of age, sexuality or marital status as long as they have the health and energy to look after a child.

Sue said: “We are hoping that more people will come forward to find out more about the benefits of adopting for themselves and the children in Calderdale.”