Blunkett warns of “eye-watering” cuts during visit to Halifax

David Blunkett opens the new Halifax Labour Party offices on Union Street.
David Blunkett opens the new Halifax Labour Party offices on Union Street.

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett MP believes Halifax will be subject to “eye-watering” cuts if the Conservatives win the General Election in May.

Speaking on a visit to the town to open the Labour Party’s new offices on Union Street, Mr Blunkett warned that public services in Halifax will come under threat if David Cameron is re-elected.

Mr Blunkett, who visited the Orangebox centre on his visit, said Labour candidate Holly Lynch was the right person to represent Halifax.

He said: “I’ve come to support Holly because it’s critical that she wins in Halifax and that Halifax is part of a winning team for Labour on May 7.

“It’s critical because the threat to public services that has been laid out by the Conservatives over the next two years are eye-watering.

“The impact that will have on services like the Orange Box for young people, services like libraries and social care for older people make all the difference to people’s lives.

“This election is absolutely fundamental as to whether the very fabric of Halifax, the things that people take for granted, will be able to continue.

“That’s why Holly Lynch needs everyone’s support to ensure we return a Labour MP for Halifax.

“Halifax having a voice where it matters has been so critical over recent years and we’re hoping that someone with the energy, drive and youthfulness of Holly will be able to spell out nationally what Halifax needs.”