BREAKING: High voter turnout for Calder Valley

73.25% voter turnout in Calder Valley and 64.82% in Halifax.

58,072 ballot paper were recieved for Calder Valley and 46,600 were received for Halifax.

North Bridge Leisure Centre count.

North Bridge Leisure Centre count.

Exit polls have forecasted a huge Conservative win.

The Conservatives are predicted to win 368 seats, whilst Labour are predicted to win 191, 55 for SNP, 13 for Lib Dems, 1 for Green and 0 for the Brexit party.

The candidates for Calder Valley are:

Javed Bashir (Liberal Democrat)

Josh Fenton-Glynn (Labour)

Richard Phillips (Liberal Party)

Craig Whittaker (Conservative)

The candidates for Halifax are:

Kashif Ali (Conservative)

James Baker (Liberal Democrat)

Bella Jessop (Green)

Holly Lynch (Labour)

Sarah Wood (Brexit)