Calderdale councillors' allowances and expenses revealed

Allowances and expenses claimed by Calderdale councillors and co-opted members in August 2021 totalled around £60,000.

By John Greenwood - Local Democracy Reporter
Friday, 10th September 2021, 7:00 am

Figures are published monthly and annually under the Council’s Members ’ Allowances Scheme, and include members’ basic allowance (MBA), special responsibility allowance (SRA), for example Cabinet or leadership status or scrutiny committee status (some for roles as chairman or vice-chairman), travel and subsistence, dependent carer allowance, mayoral allowance, and co-optee’s allowances.

The council publishes the monthly and annual figures via accessible on its website.

The figures for August 2021 were as follows:

Councillors expenses in Calderdale

Adam Wilkinson (Lab, Sowerby Bridge), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,055.83 (Member SRA – Cabinet), totalling £1,935.75.

Amanda Parsons-Hulse (Lib-Dem, Warley), £879.92 (MBA).

Angie Gallagher (Lab, Elland), £879.92 (MBA) and £263.92 (Member SRA – Flooding Scrutiny Panel – Chair), totalling £1,143.84.

Andrew Johnson (co-opted member), £31.91 (Co-opted Member Allowance).

Ann Kingstone (Lab, Skircoat), £879.92 (MBA).

Ashley Evans (Lib Dem, Warley) £879.92 (MBA) and £659.92 (Member SRA – Strategy and Performance Scrutiny Bolard – Chair), totalling £1,539.84.

Audrey Smith (Lab, Sowerby Bridge), £879.92 (MBA).

Brenda Monteith (Con, Brighouse), £879.92 (MBA).

Bryan Smith (Lab, Ovenden), £879.92 (MBA).

Colin Hutchinson (Lab, Skircoat), £879.92 (MBA).

Colin Raistrick (Ind, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe), £879.92 (MBA) and £659.92 (Member SRA – Scrutiny), totalling £1,539.84.

Daniel Sutherland (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden), £879.92 (MBA).

Danielle Durrans (Lab, Ovenden), £879.92 (MBA).

David Gott (co-opted member), £31.91 (Co-opted Member Allowance).

David Kirton (Con, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe), £879.92 (MBA).

Dave Young (Lab, Calder), £879.92 (MBA).

Diana Tremayne (Lab, Todmorden), £879.92 (MBA).

Dot Foster (Lab, Sowerby Bridge), £879.92 (MBA) and £659.92 (Member SRA – Governance and Business Committee – Chair), totalling £1,539.84.

Faisal Shoukat (Lab, Park), £879.92 (MBA).

George Robinson (Con, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe), £879.92 (MBA).

Helen Rivron (Lab, Ovenden), £879.92 (MBA).

Hilary Barber (co-opted member), £31.91 (Co-opted Member Allowance) and £263.92 (Member SRA – Committee – Standards), totalling £295.83.

Howard Blagbrough (Con, Brighouse) £879.92 (MBA), £659.92 (Member SRA Scrutiny), and £263.25 (Deputy Mayor’s allowance), totalling £1,803.09.

Jacob Cook (Con, Greetland and Stainland), £879.92 (MBA).

James Baker (Lib Dem, Warley), £879.92 (MBA) and £527.92 (Member SRA – Party Leader Lib Dem Group), totalling £1,407.84.

Guy Beech (Con, Illingworth and Mixenden), £879.92 (MBA)

Jane Scullion (Lab, Luddenden Foot), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,319.92 (Member SRA – Deputy Leader of the Council), totalling £2,199.84.

Jenny Lynn (Lab, Park), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,055.83 (Member SRA – Cabinet), totalling £1,935.75.

John Ford (Con, Elland), £879.92 (MBA).

Josh Fenton-Glynn (Lab, Calder), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,055.83 (Member SRA – Cabinet), totalling £1,935.75.

Megan Swift (Lab, Town), £879.92 (MBA) and £263.92 (Member SRA – Appeals Panel – Chair), totalling £1,143.84.

Mike Barnes (Lab, Skircoat), £879.82 (MBA).

Mohammad Naeem (Lab, Park), minus £624,46 (MBA), repaid. Coun Naeem passed away in July.

Paul Bellenger (Lib Dem, Greetland and Stainland), £879.92 (MBA).

Peter Caffrey (Con, Northowram and Shelf), £879.92 (MBA) and £659.92 (Member SRA – Place Scrutiny – Chair), totalling £1,539.84.

Regan Dickenson (Con, Rastrick), £879.92 (MBA).

Bob Metcalfe (Lab, Town), £879.92 (MBA).

Robert Thornber (Con, Ryburn), £879.92 (MBA).

Roger Taylor (Ind, Northowram and Shelf), £879.92 (MBA).

Roisin Cavanagh (Lab, Luddenden Foot), £879.92 (MBA).

Sarah Courtney (Lab, Calder) £879.92 (MBA) and £531.58 (Member SRA – Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Board – Deputy Chair), totalling £1,411.50.

Scott Patient (Lab, Luddenden Foot), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,055.83 (Member SRA – Cabinet), totalling £1,935.75.

Shelagh Hirst (co-opted member), £31.91 (Co-opted Member Allowance).

Silvia Dacre (Lab, Todmorden), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,055.83 (Member SRA – Cabinet), totalling £1,935.75.

Sophie Whittaker (Con, Rastrick), £879.92 (MBA) and £531.58 (Member SRA – West Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel), totalling £1,411.50.

Stephanie Clarke (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden), £879.92 (MBA) and £527.92 (Member SRA – Licensing and Regulatory Committee – Chair), totalling £1,407.84.

Stephen Baines (Con, Northowram and Shelf), £879.92 (MBA) and £527.92 (Member SRA – Committee – Audit), totalling £1,407.84.

Steven Leigh (Con, Ryburn), £879.92 (MBA) and £1,055.83 (Member SRA – Opposition Leader), totalling £1,935.75.

Sue Holdsworth (Lib Dem, Greetland and Stainland), £879.92 (MBA).

Susan Press (Lab, Todmorden), £879.92 (MBA).

Chris Pillai (Con, Rastrick), £879.92 (MBA) and £934.17 (Member SRA – Mayor’s allowance), totalling £1,814.09.

Tim Swift (Lab, Town), £879.92 (MBA) and £2,639.75 (Member SRA – Leader of the Council), totalling £3,519.67.

Tina Benton (Con, Brighouse), £879.92 (MBA).

Valerie Stevens (co-opted member), £31.91.

Victoria Porritt (Lab, Elland), £879.92 (MBA) and £791.83 (Member SRA – Planning – Chair), totalling £1,671.75.

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