Calderdale electors prepare for polling day

Polling station complete with porta-loo at Upper Washer Lane, Pye Nest.
Polling station complete with porta-loo at Upper Washer Lane, Pye Nest.

THIS year, at least 1,000 fewer people have registered for postal votes in Calderdale Council’s annual elections.

In 2011 there were 34,472 and this time around it is 33,328 which points to a lower overall turnout.

Public halls, schools, churches, community centres and caravans which are to be used as polling stations will open at 7am on Thursday and close at 10pm.

People with postal votes can drop them off if they have forgotten to put them in the post already, or they can take them to Halifax Town Hall.

About 147,000 people are eligible to take part in Thursday’s election, which will be the last for two years.

Polling stations are run by a presiding officer and one or more poll clerks.

There are a few which do not have easy access for voters with disabilities.

Once the polling stations close, all the ballot boxes will be taken to North Bridge Leisure Centre, in Halifax, where they will start to be processed.

Particular attention will be paid to signatures on postal votes which will be verified against samples already collected.

Candidates and their registered supporters will be able to access the leisure centre at 8.30am on Friday morning and counting is expected to begin at 9.30am.

It is likely to be lunch-time before the final result in the 17 wards is declared, depending on the turnout.

The Courier will be providing detailed analysis and results online as soon as they are announced at and in the weekend paper.

*Two months ago, the council revealed that 12,000 of the 92,000 households in Calderdale did not have a single registered elector.