Calderdale leadership stays in Labour’s hands


Although it is a hung authority, Calderdale Council will continue to be run by Labour on a minority basis with Tim Swift re-elected as leader.

Councillor Swift (Town) was voted into position at Calderdale’s Annual Council meeting at Halifax Town Hall on Wednesday and, as last year, Councillor Barry Collins (Illingworth and Mixenden) will be his deputy leader.

Labour will take all the Cabinet portfolios, which are as follows.

Adults, Health and Social Care, Councillor Bob Metcalfe (Town); Children and Young People’s Services, Councillor Megan Swift (Town); Communities and Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Susan Press (Todmorden); Regeneration and Economic Strategy, Councillor Barry Collins; Resources, Performances and Business Change, Councillor Jane Scullion (Luddenden Foot); Public Health and Inequalities, Councillor Faisal Shoukat (Park); and Planning, Housing and Environment, Councillor Dan Sutherland (Illingworth and Mixenden).

The state of the parties after the May 2018 elections is: Labour 24 seats, Conservatives 20, Liberal Democrats six and Independents one.