Campaigners win their fight

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Campaigners were over the moon after councillors refused plans to construct a substation whihc would overlook their gardens by 21 feet.

Housing developer Persimmon Homes wanted to build a substation which would look like a garage on their land in Spout House Lane where they are building 147 houses.

But councillors on Calderdale Council’s planning committee refused the plans.

Andrew Robinson said he felt the correct decision had been made. “The proposed substation would have been extremely overbearing on the existing residential properties which have been there for more than 140 years. It is clear that the substation could be situated anywhere within the development. It would have been completely out of character with the area. It is good that common sense has prevailed.”

Councillors were shocked that Persimmon Homes wanted to build the substation only yards from the back gardens of the existing houses in Hove Edge. They heard that the company wanted to install the substation which would look like a domestic garage with a ridge at 14feet. There was also a different of 7 feet between the level of the development and the existing homes in St Giles Road.

Councillor David Hardy said if the substation was installed elsewhere on the development then to their homeowners it would look like another garage. “Is there no reason why you can’t relocate it anywhere else. Have you explored other sites,” he asked the agent for Persimmon.

They replied: “We did explore other sites but we felt this was the best one.”