Confusion over parking changes following opposition budget

Halifax Town Hall
Halifax Town Hall

There is uncertainty over what changes will be brought in over parking charges following council’s decision to accept the Lib/Con coalition’s opposition budget.

One of the coalition’s major amendments to the Labour cabinet’s budget was the revision of controversial parking charges introduced in Halifax town centre and areas around Calderdale including Skircoat.

Conservative group leader Coun Stephen Baines (Northowram and Shelf) told the Courier: “Skircoat is included in the parking revision but purely around the shopping area - not around residents”.

However, at a meeting of Calderdale’s Labour Cabinet, Skircoat shopowner Natalie Seager asked the cabinet what changes she and other businesses could expect to see in the area.

Deputy leader Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) said: “Skircoat is not covered by the resolutions passed by council the other night. That scheme was approved and put into place before the discussion at Budget Council.

“We have been working on amendments to the scheme which are due in March.”

These amendments include a maximum daily parking charge of £2 but will not revise the scheme for residents. Shopowners are calling for more free timed spaces in the area to encourage people to visit.