Criticism of staff appraisals

Sunshine on Halifax Town Hall, with blue sky above.
Sunshine on Halifax Town Hall, with blue sky above.
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The council has pledged to improve staff monitoring after it was revealed that some staff had not been appraised for years.

The democratic and partnership services – part of the chief executive’s office – employs 70 staff and not one was assessed for performance in 2012/13.

Council leader Tim Swift said: “Staff appraisal requires a clear and specific political focus. At times, in the past, this has been lacking in Calderdale. The current administration is determined to tackle these issues through visible leadership and effective challenge, to achieve high levels of attendance at work and to ensure staff performance is uniformly monitored. In the autumn, the council will begin mandatory training sessions with managers.”

Councillor David Hardy said: “At present, some parts of the council are very good and some parts are very bad. All of them need to be brought up to the standard of the very best.”