Elland is booming says Councillor David Hardy

Rail company representatives and others look at the improvements to Halifax train station.'Councillor David Hardy.
Rail company representatives and others look at the improvements to Halifax train station.'Councillor David Hardy.

An Elland councillor believes the future of the town is looking bright.

David Hardy (Lib Dem), said the town has improved considerably in the short time since he became a councillor in May 2010.

And he said the future of the town is looking more positive too, despite difficult economic times.

“Things have changed a lot in the past 18 months,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of new development coming in the Dewsbury Road area, Whitwell Green Lane is going to get a play area for the first time in 40 years, Hullen Edge Park is getting a new skate park and the town is getting a supermarket,” he said.

Councillor Hardy said that a lot of the good work had been done by Coun Pat Allen (Lib Dem), who first convinced him to run as a councillor in the first place.

“Councillor Allen came to me for some opinions on Willow Court on Victoria Road because I used to run my own building firm. I got involved in that and after it was all finished she came back and suggested I run as a councillor.

“It wasn’t something I had considered before and I don’t consider myself a politian but I thought I’d give it a go. The Liberal party accepted me and I was elected by 600 votes.

“We’re a good team. Councillor Allen does a lot of good work in the ward and I pound the corridors at the Town Hall and sit in a lot of the meetings,” he said.

“She’s done a fantastic job all over Elland but especially at the Cartwheel club. When she got involved there was almost no money in the bank. Now she’s running the lunch club there and it’s thriving - she’s brought it back to life.

“It’s a tough job and I think it’s one that you have to do full time if you want to get things done. You can’t have a job and be a councillor part time, it just doesn’t work.

“There are lots of people who will critise councillors but not many people want to be one. That’s what makes Councillor Allen’s 12 years as a councillor even more impressive and the town and people of Elland have really benefitted.” As well as sitting on the Council’s planning committee and being the chairman of the economy and environment scrutiny committee, Coun Hardy is also doing a lot of work on renewable energy.

He recently gave a talk to children at Old Earth School about biomass and carbon reduction.

“I’m a big believer in biomass and energy saving,” he said. “Until I asked the council about their biomass policy, they didn’t have one. Now, 12 months later, four schools are getting involved in it. It’s absolutely fantastic and it pays for itself in four and a half years.”