Exclusive: Shay bidder confirmed

FC Halifax Town v Chester at The Shay Stadium.
FC Halifax Town v Chester at The Shay Stadium.

The boss of an Elland communications firm has exclusively revealed to the Courier that his firm is the bidder for the Shay Stadium.

Reactiv Media, based in Elland, was formed by Halifax RL director Tony Abbott who spoke to the Courier.

He said: “Reactiv Media Limited has made a bid to purchase the Shay Stadium from Calderdale council, at present we are in advanced conversations only.

“If Reactiv were to be successful then it would look to secure the futures of both the Football & the Rugby League Clubs by way of long term leases and a reduction in rent.

“Reactiv also has a genuine desire to create a community stadium that the Town can be rightly proud of , and would hope to achieve this with a programme of continued investment “

There will be a more in-depth interview in Friday’s Courier including reaction from the council.