Fax owes £65,000 rent on the Shay

New East Stand at the Shay Stadium, Halifax
New East Stand at the Shay Stadium, Halifax

Halifax Rugby League Club owes the council more than £65,000 in unpaid rent to Calderdale Council.

A Freedom of Information request to the council has been passed to the Courier and outlines the outstanding amounts.

Between September 2012 and December 2013 the rugby league club has built up arrears of £65,771.

Last year when Fax chief executive Tony Abbott launched a bid to buy the Shay Stadium with his company Reactiv Media he told the Courier that arrears were to be included in any potential sale.

However, this process seems to have fallen through with Calderdale Council deciding to move away from private ownership.

Since then it would seem the outstanding rent has continued to build up.

The Freedom of Information request made to Calderdale Council asked for details of “any tenants currently in rent arrears at the Shay Stadium”.

It also asked for information or minutes from meetings with tenants in arrears by councillors or council officers.

However, the only response is that no minutes were taken at the meetings.

A spokesperson for Calderdale Council said: “The council is taking appropriate enforcement action to require the rugby club to pay the arrears.”

When quizzed further they could not explain what this “enforcement action” was as the issue is subject to legal sensitivities.

Halifax RL chiefs were unavailable for comment.