Fleas get rid of them: woman’s itching agony

Samantha Woodhouse in house full of fleas at Cherry Court, Pellon.
Samantha Woodhouse in house full of fleas at Cherry Court, Pellon.

A flea infestation has left a tenant in despair.

Samantha Woodhouse, 44, of Cherry Court, Pellon Lane, Halifax, is on medication for flea bites and depression. Miss Woodhouse said she began to itch shortly after moving into the flat, in July 2012.

She said: “My house is not my home. I stay at a friends as I cannot sleep in my bed. I’m on medication for bites and itching.”

Penine Housing tenant Miss Woodhouse who is on medication for her mental health said: “I have to take sleeping tablets as I have been walking the streets late at night just to get out of the house.”

She said: “I’m washing my clothes twice a day because I’m paranoid about itching and having fleas crawl on my skin.”

After complaints from the tenant, Pennine Housing fumigated the property. However, Miss Woodhouse insists the fleas are still in her home and that the infestation is due to the external environment surrounding the flats.

Miss Woodhouse said: “I have contacted the council and they say that they can’t do anything more about it, they will only fumigate the flat once. If I want any more fumigations then I have to pay for it. It would cost £50 and I don’t have that amount of spare money.”

Samantha, who threw away infested items of clothing and furniture said she hopes to be compensated for some of the cost.

Pennine Housing fumigated the property; taking up and re-laying new floor boards at the Cherry Court flat. During this time, the tenant complained her flat was left in such a state she was unable to live there.

Head of Pennine Housing, Janette Pearce said: “We are aware of the situation and we have already, as a goodwill gesture, performed a fumigation on the property as this is not a service we would normally provide. We are working with the tenant to try and stop this happening in the future.”