Halifax Tory candidate asks Government to intervene over Calderdale council tax hike

Philip Allott
Philip Allott

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles has been asked to consider options to reverse the planned 2.5 per cent council tax rise by Calderdale Council.

Philip Allott said the increase could result in councillors who voted for it to be personally surcharged.

Mr Allott, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Halifax, said the rise exceeds the 2 per cent permitted without holding a local referendum which is required by law.

He said Calderdale Council avoided holding a referendum by setting a 1.99 per cent budget and loading the excess increase onto the Fire, Police and Transport authorities, which he believes is against the spirit of the legislation and will penalise hard pressed residents.

He has written to Mr Pickles asking him to intervene and to explore options for reversing the 2.5 per cent increase or alternatively surcharging the councillors who voted for it.

“At a time when hard pressed families, retired people and singletons are struggling to make ends meet, the decision by the Labour and Liberal Democrat controlled Calderdale Council beggars belief,” said Mr Allott, who added an online petition might follow.