How prepared are Calderdale councillors if they are attacked at town hall meetings

Halifax town hall
Halifax town hall

All Calderdale councillors have been invited to “lock down” training in case the need arises at the town hall.

Members of Calderdale Council’s Strategy and Performance Scrutiny Board raised a number of issues when considering the council’s annual Health and Safety Report.

Coun Steven Leigh (Con, Ryburn) asked if it would be useful for all members to receive “lockdown” training.

He was told all members had been invited to the training in the previous 12 months. Officers also outlined what to do event of being in a building deemed to be under threat.

Halifax Town Hall security had recently been reviewed but there had to be a balanced approach as the building was open to the public.

Coun Paul Bellenger (Lib Dem, Greetland and Stainland) asked to be updated on what steps were being taken following tragic events at North Bridge to try and prevent incidents happening in the future.

Officers advised planning permission had been granted to put preventative measures in-situ.

There was a limit to what prevention could be installed but works should be completed soon.

Coun Bellenger also asked how often was the condition of tyres on the council’s transport vehicles checked and was advised that they were checked on a regular basis.

Most drivers usually checked round the vehicles including the tyres at the start of their shift.

In answer to other questions raised, councillors heard Calderdale worked regularly with the trade unions on Health and Safety issues, had a prevention strategy for accidents like slips, trips and falls and that swimming pool accident concerns had ceased following the laying of non-slip flooring.