Inside the Council: Chris Pillai

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This week, Coun Chris Pillai puts the case for more street lighting in Brighouse.

As many regular readers will recall, a regular issue I champion on behalf of Rastrick residents is street lighting.

A properly lit street does not just enable us to see where we are walking, but prevents personal injury by people using the footpath, illuminates pedestrians crossing the road and generally reflects well upon the Council who serves the residents affected. A study of street lightings’ effect on crime funded by the Home Office concluded that areas where effective street lighting is maintained and implemented have reduced crime rates, the idea being that not only does street lighting enable residents and community watch schemes to better identify suspected criminals; but it is also a signal to unpleasant characters that an area is well maintained and looked after.

Given vital importance street lighting plays, I have continued to campaign alongside my fellow Rastrick Councillors for street lighting such as that on Healey Wood Road and Woodhouse Road to be repaired as a matter of urgency.

Train station parking

Access to employment is the means by which we support not only ourselves and our families, but also our communities through the council tax that we pay. Rastrick residents regularly voice concern that local infrastructure just isn’t keeping pace with the rising population locally.

Brighouse and Rastrick are up and coming ‘commuter-belt’ areas that with some careful and delicate management could thrive, however the provision of parking in and around the Railway station at Brighouse is sadly lacking.

A lack of oversight in this area by the Labour run council, has caused consternation between those using the station to commute to work and those residents who live in the vicinity of the Station.

My fellow Rastrick and Brighouse councillors and I continue to fight for our areas fair share and to hold the Labour administration to account for the ‘lassiez-faire’ disinterested approach they take towards services and infrastructure in the lower valley.


Lastly, I would like to echo the sentiments of Craig Whittaker MP in that, whilst there were many different opinions across Calderdale regarding whether we should leave or remain with the EU, the referendum has happened, the votes have been cast, counted and the decision made.

What is important is that we now come together as a community to meet the challenges ahead as we write a new chapter in both our local and national history.