Knaresborough pollution levels expected to get worse

Pollution at Bond End continues to exceed EU standards, and residents expect the issue to get worse in the coming years.

A report to Harrogate Borough Council shows that nitrogen dioxide levels in Bond End continue to breach the EU standard levels and now the level of pollution at York Place has also reached unacceptable levels.

A Bond End steering group has been formed to try and tackle the issue, headed up by County Coun Bill Hoult (Lib Dem, Knaresborough).

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The group is looking at different solutions to tackle the traffic problems which creates the pollution at the busy junction.

He said: “We are talking about traffic modelling, changing the sequence of the traffic lights, even getting rid of the traffic lights all together. Removing the traffic lights all together is in the mix, everything is, we can’t rule anything out looking for a solution to the problems.”

This is not the first time the idea of removing traffic lights at Bond End has been mooted, however Coun Hoult said there had been some delays to the work of the steering group due to the election.

He said: “Everyone now feels the same, there is no political division on this issue, everyone wants to see the traffic improved.”

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Coun Hoult fears the issue will only get worse as planning permission has been granted for 600 homes at Manse Farm and 170 homes off Boroughbridge Road with an additional 81 homes off Boroughbridge Road proposed by Gleeson Developments.

He said: “The pollution is caused by standing traffic which is only going to get worse when these housing developments go ahead, pouring out all the extra cars onto the junction.”