Labour increase majority in Bradford - but Conservatives gain Queensbury seat

Bradford Town Hall
Bradford Town Hall

The Conservatives gained the Queensbury ward but Labour maintained overall control in the local council elections in Bradford.

The Conservatives’ sole gain on the night was in Queensbury, with Robert Hargreaves beating the previous incumbent, Independent councillor Paul Cromie, who was pushed into third place behind Labour candidate Alex Mitchell.

The Labour Party increased their majority by four seats in Bradford, meaning they now hold 52 out of the 90 seats on the council.

Labour picked up Bolton and Undercliffe from the Lib Dems, Shipley from the Green Party, Keighley West from an Independent candidate, and the previously vacant Little Horton.

The Wyke result was:

David Warburton (Lab) - 1,451

Francesca Stefanyszyn (Cons) - 900

James Lewthwaite (British Democrats Stop Immigration Leave EU) - 161

Stephen Crosby (Democrats and Veterans) - 135

John Worsley (UKIP) - 124

Kevin Hall (Lib Dem) - 103

Darran Parkinson (Green) - 75

The Queensbury result was:

Robert Hargreaves (Cons) - 1,326

Alex Mitchell (Lab) - 921

Paul Cromie (Independent) - 773

Kathryn Illingworth (UKIP) - 177

Tom Molloy (Lib Dem) - 116

Eithne Dodwell (Green) 111