Labour make big gains in Calderdale election - but fall shy of a majority

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The Labour group on Calderdale Council have made significant gains in the local elections, but were one seat short of achieving an overall majority.

The Conservative group gained two seats, the Liberal Democrats lost five seats and long-standing independent councillor Colin Stout (Brighouse) lost out to the Conservatives.

UKIP, Greens and Trade Unions and Socialists Against Cuts failed to win a single seat on the council, but UKIP’s David Ginley came second in Illingworth and Mixenden taking 1032 to Labour’s 1160.

In total, the Labour group now hold 25 seats on the council, the Conservative group 19, the Liberal Democrat group six, and one Independent councillor.

However, the turnout for the election was just 36.47 per cent.

Labour leader of Calderdale Council Tim Swift said: “Getting an overall majority was a big ask because he had to win a lot of very marginal seats and not lose anything.

“We lost out on one seat by 17 votes, which was the seat that would have given us the overall majority.

“I still think it was a great result for Labour.”



The Conservative party gained a seat in Brighouse with Howard Blagborough winning the seat.

He took the ward with 897 votes unseating long-serving Independent councillor Colin Stout.

The full results are:

Howard Blagbrough (Con) - 897

Danny Murphy (Ind) - 122

Jennie Rigg (Lib Dem) - 102

Anthony Rutherford (Lab) - 725

Colin Stout (Ind) - 758

Nick Yates (UKIP) - 725


The Labour party held the seat in the Calder ward.

Candidate Allison Miles won with 1,547 votes.

The full results are:

Stephen Curry (Ind) - 466

Nicola May (Con) - 595

Allison Miles (Lab) - 1,547

Mike Smith (Lib Dem) - 628

Kate Sweeny (Green) - 817


Labour gained a seat from the Liberal Democrats in the Elland ward.

Candidate Angie Gallagher with 903 votes.

The full results are:

Angie Gallagher (Lab) - 903

Sue Hall (Con) - 855

David Hardy (Lib Dem) - 775

Abigail Shaw (TUASAC) - 72

Susan Thomas (Green) - 221


The Liberal Democrats retained their seat in the Greetland and Stainland ward.

Candidate Christine Greenwood won with 929 votes.

The full results are:

Jim Gallagher (Lab) - 412

Luke Gill (TUASAC) - 21

Christine Greenwood (Lib Dem) - 929

Mark Mullany (Green) - 179

Chris Pearson (Con) - 869

Angela Thompson (UKIP) - 647


Independent candidate Colin Raistrick retained his seat in the Hipperholme and Lightcliffe ward.

He took the seat with 1,861 votes.

The full results are:

Mat Bowles (Lib Dem) - 106

Joe Clegg (Con) - 888

Pam Fellows (Lab) - 445

Colin Raistrick (Ind) - 1,861


Labour retained its seat in Illingworth and Mixenden.

Candidate Daniel Sutherland won with 1,160 votes.

The full results are:

David Ginley (UKIP) - 1032

Danny Holmes (Con) - 534

Glen Mattock (Lib Dem) - 72

Daniel Sutherland (Lab) - 1,160


The Conservatives gained a seat in Luddendenfoot.

Candidate Jill Smith took the seat from the Liberal Democrats with 1,101 votes.

The full results are:

Charlotte Brady (Lab) - 1,084

Anthony Hodgins (Lib Dem) - 443

Elizabeth King (Green) - 539

Jill Smith (Con) - 1,101


Conservative Stephen Baines has retained his seat in Northowram and Shelf.

He won with 1,338 votes.

The full results are:

Stephen Baines (Con) - 1,338

Philip Crossley (UKIP) - 1,100

Michael Taylor (Lib Dem) - 94

Gary Walsh (Lab) - 642


Labour retained their seat in the Ovenden ward.

Candidate Helen Rivron claimed the seat with 1,102 votes

The full results are:

John Reynolds (Lib Dem) - 180

Helen Rivron (Lab) - 1,102

John Shoesmith (Con) - 479


Labour retained their seat in the Park ward.

Candidate Ferman Ali won with 2, 762 votes.

The full results are:

Ferman Ali (Lab) - 2,762

Patrick Moran (Green) - 206

Shakir Saghir (Con) - 1,281

Craig Whittal (Lib Dem) - 135


The Conservatives retained their seat in the Rastrick Ward.

Christine Beal took the seat with 1,418 votes.

Robert Bailey (TUASAC) - 234

Christine Beal (Con) - 1418

Kathleen Haigh-Hutchinson (Lib Dem) - 183

Peter Judge (Lab) - 946


The Conservatives retained the seat in Ryburn.

Candidate Rob Holden won with 1,513 votes.

The full results are:

Freda Davis (Green) - 482

Judy Gannon (Lab) - 791

Rob Holden (Con) - 1,513

Rosemary Tatchell (Lib Dem) - 176



The Conservatives have taken the Skircoat ward from the Liberal Democrats.

Candidate Andrew Tagg won with 1,252 votes and took the seat from sitting councillor Pauline Nash.

The full results are:

Grenville Horsfall (UKIP) - 628

Alistair Millington (Lab) - 790

Pauline Nash (Lib Dem) - 696

Gary Scott (Green) - 300

Andrew Tagg (Con) - 1,252


Labour took the seat from the Conservatives in Sowerby Bridge.

Dot Foster took the seat with 959 votes.

The full results are:

Dot Foster (Lab) - 959

Charles Gate (Green) - 227

Mike Payne (Con) - 753

Tom Stringfellow (Lib Dem) - 209

Geoffrey Thompson (UKIP) - 790


Labour gained a seat in Todmorden from the Liberal Democrats

Candidate Susan Press won with 1,104 votes.

The full results are:

Mark Gledhill (Con) - 784

Margareta Holmstedt (Lib Dem) - 796

Oxana Poberejnaia (Green) - 448

Susan Press (Lab) - 1,104


Labour candidate Bob Metcalfe retained his seat in the Town ward.

He won with 1,039 votes.

The full results are:

Phillip Charlton (UKIP) - 956

Ruth Coleman-Taylor )Lib Dem) - 104

Stephen Collins (Con) - 454

Bob Metcalfe (Lab) - 1,039


Labour gained a seat in the Warley ward from the Liberal Democrats.

Michelle Foster won with 1,119 votes.

The full results are:

Ashley Evans (Lib Dem) - 927

Michelle Foster (Lab) - 1,119

Keith Hutson (Con) - 908

John Nesbitt (Green) - 232