Labour to put forward own budget plans

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A budget meeting next week will discuss alternative proposals put forward by the Labour party.

The full budget proposals suggested by the party include affordable social housing in Calderdale, further investment in flood protection and drainage, a new swimming pool and leisure centre in Halifax and plans to refurbish the roof of the historic Borough Market.

They also promised to block Conservative plans to cut more than £2.5 million from discretionary services, which they warn could put children’s services and others at risk.

Councillor Tim Swift, Labour group leader, said: “We have put forward a plan which will enable the council to balance the books. We believe Calderdale needs to plan for the future - not wait until after the election to see what turns up.

“Labour are proposing that the council creates an investment fund which will ensure that we are able to start tackling problems in some of our most important buildings and facilities.

“This means we can plan with confidence for a new swimming pool and leisure facility in Halifax; and start on the work of protecting vital buildings such as the Victoria Theatre, the Halifax Borough Market and Todmorden Market Hall - where we will start work on restoring the historic roofs.”