Lady Fraser opposes Halifax library closure

Lady Antonia Fraser
Lady Antonia Fraser

A high profile name has thrown her weight behind the campaign to retain Halifax Central Library’s current home at Northgate House.

Lady Antonia Fraser DBE opened the Central Library in February 1983 and has written to the Don’t bulldoze Our Library (DBOL) Campaign to show her support.

In an open letter she said: “I was privileged to perform the official opening of the new Calderdale Central Library on its conveniently accessible, centrally located Northgate site in 1983 and to revisit the library on its tenth anniversary in 1993.

“On both occasions I was impressed by the fine purpose-built facilities.

“I would like to encourage members of the community to express their support in the current consultation for the retention of these excellent facilities, which are not yet 30 years old, on their existing site.”

Plans were submitted to demolish the existing library, opened less than 30 years ago, and move it to a new site near Square Chapel Centre for the Arts.

Since then DBOL has held demonstrations outside the Central Library to gain public support.

The latest of these took place last weekend. DBOL member Dr John Hargreaves said: “The ground swell of support has been amazing.

“Even though the weather was drizzly with downpours we exceeded all our expectations with the number of people signing to show support.”

Halifax MP Linda Riordan also showed her support. She said: “It was another fantastic turnout from people to sign petitions, campaign and back DBOL’s stance.

“I think the council is realising that the views of 16,000 people cannot simply be wished away.

“The majority of people in the district want the library to stay where it is.”

Questionnaires have been sent out to 5,000 people at random and so far has recieived 1,000 replies.