Lock out over Fax unpaid Shay rent

New East Stand at the Shay Stadium, Halifax
New East Stand at the Shay Stadium, Halifax

Halifax RL players and staff were locked out of the Shay this week over unpaid rent - but this weekend’s Championship fixture with Batley Bulldogs will go ahead.

The Courier reported that the club owed £65,000 to the council in rent arrears and the club failed to come to a resolution with the council by Monday February 24 and so were denied access to the Shay.

A Calderdale Council spokesperson said: “A deadline for reaching an agreement on how the arrears would be cleared was not met by Monday and, regrettably, the council had no option but to prevent access to the Shay; having warned the club that it would have to do so. That was an outcome that the council didn’t want and we are very glad that an agreement has now been reached.

“The council is very pleased that Halifax Rugby League Club has paid off a substantial amount of the arrears allowing it access