Making it easier to park technology installed around Halifax town centre

North Bridge car park
North Bridge car park

Advanced technologhy has been installed around Halifax town centre in a bid to make it easier for people to park.

At least 1800 Appy Parking sensors have now been installed in all of our parking bays across the centre.

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The council’s Cabinet member for Regeneration and Economic Strategy, Councillor Barry Collins said in his report to full council: "We are keen to be at the forefront of using new technology to make parking easier in our towns.

"Once the masts are installed we will alpha test the new parking system and expect to go live in early spring.

"The system (which is a phone based app) will allow customers to view where the available parking bays are (in real time) and also the cost and parking restrictions before leaving home. Automatic payment, including a pay by the minute option is then available."

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The new system, which is being introduced on a two-year trial basis, will use the mobile app technology from the company AppyParking.

New smart parking sensors will soon start appearing on the streets and in car parks in the town.

Through the use of these sensors, the AppyParking mobile app shows real-time parking availability allowing users to check availability then drive straight to a location with available parking bays.

For the first time in Halifax, users of the AppyParking mobile app will be able to register a bank card to their account and pay for parking through the app.