More multi-storey car park plans revealed for Halifax town centre

A review into the parking facilities will be considered by Calderdale Counicl leaders which include building a new multi storey car park on the site of one which was only demolished less than 18 months ago.

It was revealed last week that a new car parking strategy for Halifax town centre will go before Calderdale Council's Cabinet tonight. The plans also include the demolition of Halifax swimming pool to build a major new car park.

Cow Green park before it was demolished in February 2016

Cow Green park before it was demolished in February 2016

Other potential sites are also revealed in the parking strategy.

These include some at Northgate House and part of Halifax bus station. This refers to the part of bus station site released for development. However, parking provision could be limited to prevent large numbers of vehicles accessing the main Halifax town centre.

Up to 200 medium stay spaces could be developed on the current Halifax swimming pool site. Medium stay spaces are also planned for the Cow Green site but it its not revealed how many car parking spaces could be created.

An additional 100 long stay spaces could be created at North Bridge with a decking area being proposed. More than 200 spaces could be built with a new multi storey facility at the Bailey Hall which will have multiple uses fro Nestle, the train station, new developments, and overflow from Eureka!

The strategy is seen as a live and evolving document and would be subject to further consultation with the Halifax Business Improvement District and others.

The Cabinet will meet to consider the report on the Halifax Town Centre Parking Strategy at 6pm7 at Halifax Town Hall.