Pay cuts planned for council leaders - but more of them

JANET Battye has agreed to accept a £3,000 pay cut to keep her position as the leader of Calderdale Council – leaving her on £36,000 a year.

The cabinet will be enlarged under plans due to be put to today’s annual council meeting but members will also have their special responsibility allowances reduced.

A deal between Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors means the cabinet will have eight seats so that the alliance partners can enjoy equal representation on the powerful committee.

“The size is being increased by one member because of the amount of work that needs to be done around education and children’s social care,” said Coun Battye.

“However, I am also very well aware of the need to keep close control over every aspect of spending and because of this, every member of the cabinet I intend to appoint has agreed to claim a reduced amount so that it costs no more than the previous seven-member cabinet.”

The reduction in allowances is equivalent to a 10 per cent pay cut and is in addition to the 5 per cent reduction in basic allowances for councillors agreed at the budget council meeting in March.

All 51 councillors receive just under £10,000 a year.

The council’s deputy leader, Tim Swift (Labour) said: “The arrangements this year reflect the changing numbers and mean an equal division of roles and responsibilities between our two groups.”

Coun Swift will receive £13,369 and portfolio holders £10,696.