Protestors show anger over bedroom tax

Calderdale Protrest The Bedroom Tax at Pennine Housing 2000 Bull Green
Calderdale Protrest The Bedroom Tax at Pennine Housing 2000 Bull Green

A group of protestors have been out in Halifax showing their disgust at the government’s spare room subsidy - known as the bedroom tax.

Calderdale Protest The Bedroom Tax (CPTBT) group delivered a letter to Tom Miskell, group chief executive at the Together Housing Group, asking him to confirm there would be no eviction of council house tenants because of the bedroom tax.

They group then handed out leaflets and displayed placards and banners showing their anger at the bedroom tax.

Organiser Jonathon Maguire, 22, of King Cross, said: “This is a draconian tax that hits the poorest hardest.

“13,000 millionaires are about to get a tax break while the rest of us suffer under this tax.”

Former Halifax MP Alice Mahon joined the protestors and said she was outraged by the government’s ‘divide and rule’ tactics.

“I still can’t believe they think this is a good idea,” she said.

“This is about ideology - they will start to do this with the health service too. It’s divide and rule. The people in power have made the problems. It’s an outrageous, cruel, unbelievable tax.”

Tom Miskell, Group Chief Executive at the Together Housing Group, said: ““As a business, the vast majority of our income is from rent collected from our 12,000 Pennine Housing tenants. This allows us to carry out the vast array of services we deliver to our tenants, so eviction is always the very last resort.

“We work hard to give people as much help as possible to make sure they continue to pay their rent.

“For the past 12 months, we have been working pro-actively to contact around 1,000 Pennine Housing tenants who could be affected by the Government’s under-occupation or “bedroom tax”, to discuss their circumstances and their options to try and prepare tenants.

“We are also working with partners in the area to maximise the amount of support we are able to offer those affected by the changes.

“We would urge anybody who is worried about how the bedroom tax could affect them to call one of our specialist benefit advisors.”