Rise to £1 parking charge in Hebden Bridge centre

Valley Road, Hebden Bridge car park.
Valley Road, Hebden Bridge car park.

On street car parking charges in Hebden Bridge town centre will see a dramatic rise from 40p and hour to £1 an hour under new proposals.

The new fees and the introduction of tariffs to on street parking and free car parks have been revealed by Mark Thompson, Group Director Economy and Environment at Calderdale Council, in his report to the Economy and Investment Panel.

Mr Thompson said: “Parking is at a premium and there is high demand for a very limited number of spaces.

“Two car parks have recently been closed due to re-development and another is used two days a week to hold the open market. In addition a fortnightly farmers market is held on another car park adding to the pressures already described.

“The majority of on street parking in the central core is time limited and free of charge. There are a number of spaces that are charged for but these are shared spaces with residents.”

Proposals are to increase charges to 70p of the off street car parks in Market Place, Garden Street, New Road, St Pol and St George’s Square.

It is being planned to raise charges to 50p per hour in the Station Road car park and £3 for over six hours.

Charges of 70p or £1 an hour is being considered to spaces in Albert Street, Crown Street, Cheetham Street, Carlton Street and Keighley Road.

Capital costs to introduce these schemes will be high in the first year and are estimated to be in the region of £63k for Hebden Bridge.

In Todmorden, charges to off street parking in Halifax Road, Lever STreet and Union Street South could rise to 60p per hour.

These costs include the purchase and installation of new pay and display machines, signing and lining and the promotion of Traffic Regulation Orders and design and supervision of the schemes.

However, Mr Thompson said it is estimated that income from the additional on street charges in Hebden Bridge and Brighouse could be achieved.

Businesses in Todmorden and Hebden Bridge can complete an Upper Calder Valley Renaissance survey to share their views on the changes to parking charges.

Visit bit.ly/2bNFIst to complete the survey.