Save Elland Baths group given six more months

Halifax Town Hall
Halifax Town Hall

The Save Elland Baths Community Group has been given a six month extension to present plans for the building.

Calderdale Council’s Labour Cabinet accepted the recommendation during a meeting at Halifax Town Hall.

The group will now have until September to come up with a plan to reopen the pool which was closed down in 2011 over fears the roof could cave in.

Deputy leader Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) gave a stark warning about the condition of the building.

“The serious condition of that building has been known since 2004 and as late as 2009 there was report it had a finite life,” he said.

“This building is right at the very end of its life”

Council leader Tim Swift (Lab, Town) said: “One of the structural engineers is concerned with the future of the building and if anything happened in the six months we would have to bring this back before Cabinet.”

The Cabinet rejected the proposal at a previous meeting but a vote at Full Council saw the issue returned to the Cabinet for approval.

Elland councillors Pat Allen (Lib Dem) and David Hardy (Lib Dem) were pleased with the decision but Coun Allen was frustrated with the process.

“Originally all we were simply asking for was a extra six months.”